Saturday, April 28, 2012


Let share some knowledge......
~ The study of food industry issues and the research and solutions to these issues.
~learn how to apply solutions to properly create and preserve food.
~ research and develop foods that are safer and healthier for consumption.
~You'll create the different kinds of food products that appear on the shelves for consumers.
~Food technologists work in all different kinds of food, including fresh foods and packaged foods.
~You may enter a supervisory position, managing production and quality control.
~keeping quality control on food, developing new foods, flavors and colors.
~design processes for food production in large amounts while maintaining texture and flavor.
~You'll ensure the safety and hygiene of food production.
~You'll study food preservation, chemistry, nutrition, food processes, fermentation and flavor chemistry.
~You'll study different forms of packaging that will preserve food and improve food quality.

* and retrieved on 20/04/2012

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